Admission Policy

Proposed organisational guidelines to follow
  • A student’s candidature will be withdrawn if any information they provided during the registration process is inaccurate or deceptive, and the fee will also not be refunded.
  • The website of the specific university has all the information you need regarding qualifying standards and admission procedures
  • The student must confirm that they meet the prerequisites for the programme they wish to enrol in before the admissions process is done using the data they provided.
  • During the online enrolment process, the candidate must have the required documentation on hand, in the scanning format stated on the website.
  • The candidate must hold qualifications and degrees from a university that is recognised.
  • The university’s website has all the relevant details on eligibility requirements and admissions processes.
  • The candidate must possess degrees and qualifications from an approved university and must have all required documentation on hand throughout the online enrolment process, in the scanning format stated on the website.
  • If any information provided by a student during the registration process is false or misleading, their candidacy will be revoked, and the fee will not be reimbursed. The data they submitted will be used to execute the admissions process.
  • On the day of counselling itself, the candidate must pay the fee; if they do not, their admission will be cancelled or not completed.
  • The student must ensure that they meet the requirements for the programme they want to register into..
  • The student can only choose the method and plan for fee payment at the time of admission.
  • As previously stated, post-dated checks must be included with the admission form in the majority of cases for future payments.
  • Before the admissions process may start, the fees and documentation that have been submitted must be verified. The admissions process can start once the team has confirmed all of the fees and documentation that have been submitted.
  • The enrolment number will be generated once the whole set of verified documents and any required fees have been received.
  • Once the university has generated the enrolment/registration number, the admissions process is said to be finished. The university has the full authority to alter programme structure, course content, eligibility requirements, course delivery methods, and pricing structures whenever they see fit.
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