General Guidelines

Certain things you should know before you join us on the ride
Certain things you should know before you join us on the ride
  • Students must ascertain their eligibility prior to filling out an application for the programme.
  • A candidate must have the required documentation in scanned form for a particular programme on hand during the time of acceptance.
  • Candidates who have completed their postgraduate or diploma requirements but are awaiting results are not eligible to apply.
  • After acceptance, students are required to pay the full semester’s tuition.
  • All currently in force policies will apply, there shouldn’t be any unpaid balances prior to the test, as well as the student will indeed be treated as a New Admission. It is the responsibility of the student to often visit the university website for updates. To be qualified to take the exam, students must use the learning management systems to submit their finished semester-based assignments prior to the university’s deadlines.
  • Submitting all assignments on the due date for each assignment and receiving passing grades.
Student Zone
  • We provide the students with the online academic calendar where you can view and review dates regarding examinations, time table, lecture timings, as well as recorded live lectures.
  • The mobile and desktop applications are also available where you can access all the data related to courses, schedules of examination and other relevant information.
  • Recorded lecture facilities are also available for students so if the students are unable to attend the live lectures they can study afterwards with the recorded lectures.
  • Our support team provides assistance to students 24*7 through chats, mails and calls.
  • You can clarify your doubts and post any query by getting in touch with us.
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